Leopard spotted in St Lucia

5 05 2014

St Lucia resident photographs a leopard in Beach Road.

THE streets of St Lucia are abuzz with excitement following numerous sightings of a resident leopard.

A large male cat has offered townsfolk and visitors alike some fantastic sightings.

Andre Verster was one such resident. Returning from Empangeni at midnight on Thursday Andre and her husband caught sight of something on Beach Road at the Pelikaan Street junction.

Closer inspection revealed a leopard and as they drove slowly behind it, they realised it was stalking a bushbuck, an exercise they watched for 10 minutes.

Earlier the same evening, a large male leopard had been seen chasing a young hippo on the estuary bridge and was spotted again on the road to the Crocodile Centre the next morning.

Many long-time St Lucia residents have stories of tell of leopard sighting in town, but the best to date was when Ski Boat Club Bar Manager Jabu Msezane, whilst closing up, went to switch off the TV in the bar.

Glancing out the louvred window, Jabu met the gaze of a leopard casually lying on a table at which, only hours before, patrons had been enjoying dinner.


Leopard at night




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