Pipleline 2011

28 03 2012

Eating reef all day long….


St Lucia – December 2011-2012

28 03 2012

  Ja maan dis be a lekka place n iree mon….keep da peace always….

For the South African locals, St Lucia is traditionally famous for fishing. The estuary and marine life is very rich and diverse making St Lucia Fishing an enormously popular activity with the locals along the coastline and Estuary system.

Shore Beach Fishing

Fishing from the shore in St Lucia is very popular. Seventy per cent of all fish caught by shore anglers are Shad. Shad can grow to be 120 cm long and a weight of 14 kg. The Shad St Lucia fishing season closes at the end of September and then re-opens at the beginning of December. The closed season is to protect the breeding stock, as most fish species start breeding and laying eggs during October. Bag limits are now four Shad per day per person and each fish has to be no smaller than 30cm in length. Other popular off shore St Lucia fishing catches include Kob, Spotted Grunter, Square Tail Kob and Pompona.

Deep Sea St Lucia Fishing

A number of charter companies are registered to offer deep sea fishing trips to clients. At the moment Ski-boats are launched at the approved St Lucia beach launching site. A number of different types of game fish can be caught during the summer months in the St Lucia waters, such as Marlin, Sailfish, Garrick, King and Queen Mackerel (Snoek), Dorado, Yellow Fin Tuna and Bonito. Bottom fish, which can be caught all year round, include Muscle Cracker, Yellow Belly Rock Cod, Geelbek and Red fish species, Soldier, Red Roman and Slinger.

St Lucia Estuary Fishing

Fish species such as Grunter, Kob, Bream, Rock Salmon and Mullet utilise the St Lucia estuary as a maternity ward and a nursery. A closed estuary mouth prevents these fish from gaining access to the Estuary from the sea in order to spawn and mature.

According to the Marine Living Resources Act 18 of 1998, “permits are required to undertake any activity with regard to the catching, collection or harvesting of all marine resources”. Anyone over the age of 12 is required to be in possession of a recreational angling permit when fishing from the shore, or any estuary, unless fishing off a St Lucia registered charter fishing boat. Permits, which are valid for 365 days from the date of issue, can be obtained from the KZN Wildlife offices in St Lucia. Permits must be available for immediate inspection.

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Cyclone Irina – Hits Durban – Big Waves

8 03 2012

With the cyclone season upon us, we have some rain and a bit of swell over the last few months, but recently we had Cyclone Irina, which generated some big surf, hitting Durban with 15foot waves. Only the brave few were out on these conditions…  as you can see by the photos there were some epic waves being ridden.

Quading In Greytown – Kawasaki KFX 700

8 03 2012

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These are some photo’s of me on my KXF 700…Chillin and taking in the beautiful landscape.

Blue Lagoon…

7 03 2012


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Blue Lagoon is a beautiful place situated in Durban. With wonderful people and spectacular views of the ocean and estuary. The fishing here is probably the best on the East Coast.

You will see plenty of local fishermen in this area and many families picnic here over weekends. Litter can be a problem. Cycle or walk under the bridge over freeway and meander to the new Green Hub and along the paths on the river bank.

Many days can spent in the beautiful surroundings, taking in the fresh sea air. The local fauna and flora will keep you entertained, with many an animal bouncing around for you to see.