Port St Johns

22 01 2018

The weekend of the 19th to the 21st was planned as a fishing trip to Port St Johns. We left on Friday at around 10am and started the 6 hour drive from Durban to Port St Johns. It was a hot and humid summer day with no signs of cooling down at all. Our first stop was at Port Edward where we had a quick lunch. From there it was a straight drive through to Port St Johns. The drive went fairly smoothly with the occasional pot hole here and there. We arrived in Port St Johns at around 3 45pm and went to book into the Jungle Monkey backpackers. After booking in we went for a fish at the river mouth. We fished until dark with no fish being caught. We returned to the backpackers and had a few beers and some dinner. The wonderful thing about backpackers is you get to meet so many interesting people at these places and we did meet some really interesting people on this occasion. The next morning we were up at 5am for another fishing session and this time we caught some sand sharks and other smaller fish. The rest of the weekend was dedicated to hiking and seeing the local sites. One of the highlights was the airstrip that is above the town of Port St Johns. I can highly recommend to anyone that has not been to Transkei that they definitely make a trip down to this side of the world as it is truly one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.


Bluff Army Base Durban

18 01 2018

It was an overcast day but the temperature was around 26 degrees with a slight onshore breeze blowing. I parked my car by Sloane Rd and Django and I headed down for a walk to the south pier. I hadn’t really done the research on the actual distance but I knew it was going to be a fairly long walk. This part of the coastline is almost like Durban’s little secret as not many people know about this place. The cool sea air was a relief from the intensifying heat as the clouds parted giving way to the unrelenting sun. So we walked and walked and I started to realise this was a longer walk than I had planned on but seeing as we were already past the half way mark we pushed on. The enthusiasm was starting to wane now and even Django has lost the bounce in his step but we pushed on and on. After about an hour and half we finally made it to the south pier where there was a tap and a shower and we both cooled off nicely and he had is full of water to drink. It was really worth the walk but in the back of the mind I was realizing we still needed to walk all the way back and this was a daunting task indeed. Needless to say the walk back was more of a mission to complete than a fun walk on the beach. After all said and done I went home the next day and went on google maps plotted the course and discovered the total distance of the walk was in actual fact 12km on soft beach sand and that’s why my body was a bit sore any my calf muscles a lot stronger. The pictures I took along the way was well worth it.

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Winkelspruit Beach

17 01 2018

It was a sunny day and the perfect opportunity to head down to the beach for the day with my dog Django. The sun was warm but not too hot and this made for a pleasant day. South Africa, Durban and the beaches are the best in the world as far as I am concerned. The photos will tell the rest of the story.

Fishing on the South Pier

11 01 2017

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St Lucia Update

11 01 2017

Update on work to remove dredge spoil from the Lake St Lucia Estuary mouth

29 Apr 2016

Dear Business Owners, Licensed Operators, Ratepayers and Residents

Good progress is being made by iSimangaliso’s contractor, Cyclone Engineering, to establish their site for removing dredge spoil placed artificially in the mouth of the Lake St Lucia estuary. This is the largest wetland rehabilitation project in Africa and part of iSimangaliso’s efforts towards the hydrological and ecological restoration of the Lake St Lucia system.

The first phase of this work aims to remove a 100 000m3 of dredge spoil (a portion of section A on the figure below). Further funding is available to begin the next phase once progress with section A has been made and performance assessed. The operation will begin at the northern tip of section A and move southwards.



A slab has been laid at the Estuary Beach car park to accommodate the 17 ton generator and other plant. The pumps and pipes for the sand pumping operation have been delivered. Power lines will run from the main car park to the dredge spoil site.


The electricity is needed to power the slurry pumps and the water cannon that will blast the sand into a slurry, which will then be pumped into the inter-tidal zone. The pipes delivering the slurry to the sea will be laid on top of the beach but, buried in areas where vehicles access the beach for boat launching.


Together with iSimangaliso, the contractor is assessing options to source the water for the sand pumping operation, including from the sea and the uMfolozi River side of the estuary. As water levels in the estuary are low and it’s unlikely that there will be significant rain during the winter, using estuary water from the narrows is the last resort.

The testing of the pumping of the sand is expected to commence in May.



The Estuary Beach car park may need to be closed. A turning circle and parking area at Ingwe Beach car park has been re-gravelled should this be the case. Vehicles towing boats will continue to have access to the beach through the Estuary Beach car park for launching. The launch site control manager will be kept abreast of day to day issues that skippers may need to be aware of.

Please can you inform your guests of the operation around the estuary and on the beach, cautioning against exploration of the rehabilitation site.

Although the drought conditions are making the implementation of this project challenging, we look forward to the commencement of this next step in the restoration of South Africa’s most important estuary.

Launching my new website

25 06 2015


Hi to all my fellow bloggers. Please feel free to check out my other blog on digitelmedia.wordpress.com. It covers everything from graphic design to media design. All the traffic would be helpful and also you may find something useful for yourself when cruising through my blogs and sites.

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Digitel Media

19 06 2015

Hi there. Please feel free to link into my website to see what specials there are.

Website address: http://www.digitelmedia.co.za

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